Multifractal Detrended Cross-Correlation Analysis of Geochemical Element Concentration

Wan Li*, 1, 2, Zhu Yongqian1, Deng Xiaocheng1, 2, Lin Jiaoxiu1, 2
1 School of Mathematics and Information Science, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510006, China
2 Key Laboratory of Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Sciences of Guangdong Higher Education Institutes, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510006, China

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We use multifractal detrended cross -fluctuation analysis (MF-DXA) to investigate nonlinear behavior of geochemical element concentration, Au-Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag, in Shangzhuang Deposit, Shandong Province, China. We find that the generalized Hurst exponent h(q) and cross-correlation exponent hxy(q) decrease with the increase of q, which indicate that all element concentration series and their cross pairs exhibit multifractal phenomena. By comparing the variability of h(q) and hxy(q), we have found that the multifractal behavior is more obvious when q > 0 than q < 0 for the element Au- Cu-Pb-Zn and their cross pairs. These analyses, given quantitative information about the complexity of the element concentration, lead to a better understanding of the geochemical phenomena underlying mineralization process.

Keywords: Cross-correlation, detrended fluctuation analysis, geochemical element, multifractal, nonlinear.