Nano Plasma Technology Production for Tiles Against Piercing Weaponry

Baruch B. Gutman*
USSR Israel - St. Francis College, New York, USA.

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In light of the vital important problem of protecting the lives of military people against piercing weaponry Nano scale atomization plasma technology was developed to produce the tiles with highest micro hardness from metalceramics many layers materials. Inside a DC generator of plasma jet are propagated a number of shock waves being created by pulses with a certain frequency range and slope of a front of each within 109 A/s.

High enthalpy plasma generation is realized through a proprietary DC modulation scheme and the special torch head design that combines oxy-fuel and plasma arc processes. The Shock Waves Atomization Plasma Technology allows controlling the size of spray particles on their way to a target surface preventing any defects in thick tile’s body. Traditional DC plasma torches are very costly for long term use (what is absolutely necessary for thick like tiles materials) the expensive helium/argon/nitrogen/hydrogen mixtures. Beside that, the existing spraying technologies are limited in terms of deposition efficiency, quality of coating, coating micro hardness, porosity and density.

The advantages of this technology are very impressive: micro hardness of Metal – Ceramic tiles (Alumina) may reach 2,500 HV and can be increased to double (it will be described almost double in a next article, for alumina-titanium powder in air- hydrocarbon plasma mixture, etc.)

Low level of operation costs, upon highest deposition efficiency (90%), opens the way to get the tiles with greatest thickness: 10 mm, 20 mm and so on without any cracks under low operating expenses.